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Marie Osmond’s Before and After Photos Show Her Various Facets

Marie Osmond has been in the business for quite some time now. She started as an actress and singer. During her prime, she was one of the strongest forces to be reckoned with in the industry. Recently, she has been accused of not aging well. Hence, she was allegedly addicted to surgeries. Marie Osmond’s before and after photos are quite dizzying as she looks different all the time.

Marie Osmond Before and After

Marie Osmond used to be one of the biggest stars in the business. As an actress and singer, she has accomplished a lot during her prime.

Marie Osmond Before and After

Although she has not admitted undergoing surgery, a lot of people believe that she has become addicted to facial surgeries, and she had a lot through the years.

Marie Osmond Before and After

She has put on quite a lot of weight as she became older. Hence, when she appeared thinner than usual, she was accused of going through liposuction.

Marie Osmond Before and After

Botox, fillers, face lift and nose job. These were just some of the procedures she has allegedly tried over the years.

Marie Osmond Before and After

Some people believe that her nose has become more refined in recent years. Others believe that it was due to her weight changes, but most people suggest she had a nose job.

Marie Osmond Before and After

She appeared quite younger looking in her early 2000’s photos compared with her earlier appearances. This made allegations of her going through surgery become stronger.

Marie Osmond Before and After

In just 2 years, she looked totally different. It could be just her overall styling, but surgery should never be taken out of the picture.

Marie Osmond Before and After

Each time she appears in public, she seemed to be a different person. From the moment that she started her career in the business, Marie has reinvented her looks several times.

Marie Osmond Before and After

Whether or not the weight loss was natural, people admired her for looking a lot better in her recent appearances.

Marie Osmond Before and After

We have seen Marie in different sizes, shapes and looks through the years. Sometimes, it is quite difficult catching up.

Mark Cuban’s House is Worth Millions of Dollars and Rising

Billionaire NBA business mogul has a house located in Dallas, Texas. The house was purchased for $14 million. When he moved into the neighborhood, the property prices surged so currently the house is valued at $24.4 million. His wise business decisions made him the billionaire that he is now.

Mark Cuban’s House

The mansion sits in the prestigious Preston Hollow neighborhood. His neighbors are also A-listers, one of them no less than President Bush.

Mark Cuban’s House
Popular for enjoying life to the fullest, his mansion is also called the “Honey Pot” because it provided the extraordinary background to his extravagant lifestyle.

Mark Cuban’s House

His favorite room in his house is his home office. Here he displays all his sporting memorabilia. His favorite is the #1 jersey of Mavericks that he got when he purchased the team.

Mark Cuban’s House

Imagine waking up with this wonderful view of the pool greeting you in the morning. You’ll be surprised this is part of a 3-storey house right by the side of the main mansion.

Mark Cuban’s House

Cuban loves the party life. He probably hosts most of his parties in this pool

Mark Cuban’s House

Outside this huge house, he has a tennis court, a basketball court, and a cabana where he DJs and a 3-storey pool house.

Mark Cuban’s House

Behind him lurks the cabana topped with a Jeffersonian-style rotunda. This serves as the key party location where he DJs once in a while.

Mark Cuban’s House

Behind his famous oversized desk, he’s giving instructions how to go about this huge mansion. Who won’t get lost when there are 10 bedrooms and baths, 6 half baths, 5 fireplaces and many more?

Mark Cuban’s House

This is a typical day at Mark Cuban’s home office. This is his sanctuary where he goes back to when he’s having a rough day. He keeps it cluttered as usual.

Mark Cuban’s House

The stone and slate roof home sits on 24,000 square feet of land. The entrance showcases an elegant fountain, at the portico gas lamps and carved mahogany doors that stand 12 feet high.

Hephaestus Facts – Meeting the God of Fire

Hephaestus was popular for being the god of fire. He was also known for forges, art of sculpture, and even stone masonry. This is not surprising for he was the offspring of Hera and Zeus. He was then married to Aphrodite. Zeus initiated such union. This was undertaken so that the war between gods would no longer transpire. There was one because they were trying to fight for the hand of the mentioned lady. Needless to say, a ton of Hephaestus facts suggest that he was by far a smiting god. He was able to make various weapons for Olympus. He even played the role of a blacksmith. This was made use functional by the gods of course.

hephaestus_by_elder_of_the_earth-d2lq22m.jpg (667×1000)

Knowing more about Hephaestus

Hephaestus comes with his own palace. This is situated on Olympus. This was the place where the mentioned god was able to make most of his canny inventions. The also turned out to be the case for his automatons which were involved for the metal work he had been accustomed in completing and doing. The ugly appearance of Hephaestus became the reason why Zeus had to intervene in selecting Aphrodite to marry the mentioned God. Despite this though, he got involved in many affairs. This was related both to men and gods.

There was this story saying that Hephaestus was able to build and create a tricky invention. This was done in order to catch the laying of Aphrodite with the presence of Ares. He was the god of war. Basically, both were trapped in bed. This was undertaken so that other gods would laugh at them.

This god shares a certain similarity with Athena. This can be commended because both come with this innate need to help most mortals. Their preference though favors artists. There was even this belief saying that this Hephaestus was responsible in teaching arts to men. This was done with the help of Athena. But then, there was also a consideration saying that he was inferior for the goddess of wisdom.

What other facts can be learned about Hephaestus? Aside from being known as the God of Fire, there were also claims saying that he was not just the son of Hera and Zeus. They would also like to believe that he was just the son of Hera alone. They even added that he was only conceived because Zeus was to be gotten back in order to bring Athena forth.

Hephaestus was also said to be an ugly god. He was the sole god to have this characteristic. He was deformed and there was even a time when he was casted out by the heavens. This transpired because of his imperfections. This workman of immortals has been very much well-versed with furnishings, dwellings and even weapons.

The god also came with assistants. These were all made out using gold. They were the ones responsible in assisting him towards his work. He came with a workshop too. This was situated under a volcano.

Benito Mussolini Facts – Going back to history

It was on October 29, 1922 when Benito Mussolini, a fascist leader, got the offer of Italian premiership. This occurred amidst the social and political upheaval going on. Indeed, there is a ton of Benito Mussolini facts that have to be learned. What are these?

7058224-3x2-940x627.jpg (940×627)

First of all, Mussolini got to be a penchant of violence. He has been like this ever since he was still young. Mussolini was born on the 29th of July, 1883. He had a reputation for going under fighting and bullying as a child. When he reached 10, he faced expulsion from his religious boarding school. This was the result of his stabbing a classmate in the hand. There was another incident synonymous to the earlier. This transpired in the next school he was transferred to. There was a time when admitted for knifing his girlfriend’s arm. There was even a report saying that he pinched people who came to church. The biggest would have to be the report from New York Times saying that in May 1922, Mussolini became responsible in dueling a rival against a particular newspaper editor. He even mentioned that he was able to inflict at least 100 wounds in here during the battle. This was his take in violence.

Before he even became a fascist, he was a socialist. This would not have to be surprising because his father was a socialist too Mussolini was actually named after that of leftist Mexican President Benito Juarez. There were two middle names such as Andrea and Amilcare. These all originated from the Italian socialists Andrea Acosta and Amilcare Cipriani. During the early life of Mussolini, the names were not that much suitable and appropriate. When he was still in Switzerland from the year 1902 to that of 1904, he was able to cultivate an intellectual image. This inspired him to write for various social periodicals including L’Avvenire del Lavoratore. He was even able to serve the whole Italian army. This occurred for around two years. After a while, he resumed his career of becoming a journalist and a teacher. As found on most of his speeches and articles, Mussolini was a preacher of violent revolution. He got the thinking of Karl Marx and he was even criticized for his patriotism. In the year 1912, he was the editor of the Avanti! This was the official publication of Socialist Party of Italy. However, after nearly two years, he was expelled again because of the support he expressed for the World War I. It was in 1919 when Mussolini was changed. He was able to find fascist movement. This later turned out to be the Fascist Party.

Starting from 1920, to that of 1922, these different armed fascist squads only got to face minimal interference coming from the police or even that of army. This was the realized even as they roamed around that of country. This was the mere cause of property damage and killing during those times and there were 2,000 political opponents who got involved.

Adderall for Attention Deficit Disorders (ADHD)

Adderall and Adderall XR (Extended Release) are stimulant medications used in conjunction with counseling as standard therapy in the treatment of attention deficit disorders (ADHD) in children and adults. Originally prescribed for weight loss, Adderall is primarily used for ADHD but may also be used for narcolepsy and other sleep and insomnia disorders.

What Adderall Does for ADHD

ADHD stimulant medication like Adderall has been shown to improve attention span and other symptoms of attention disorders, helps with the ability to finish tasks as well as decreases impulsive behavior, distraction and aggression. Hyperactivity may also be diminished with Adderall.

adderall-fb.jpg (1200×800)

How Adderall Works

The ingredients in Adderall that help with attention disorders are dextroamphetamine and amphetamine. The exact way the medication works is not known, but it is thought that stimulants may block the re-uptake of the hormones norephinephrine and dopamine, which are associated with behavior and attention. The medication also slows down the body’s ability to absorb the hormones, which helps with concentration.

How Much Adderall is Enough

Finding the right individual dose of Adderall may take time and tweaking, according to the Mayo Clinic. The exact amount needed varies from person to person and adjustments are sometimes required, especially at first. The starting dosage of Adderall can be as low as 2.5 milligrams (mg) daily or increased up to 40 mg. per day. In rare cases, different dosages may apply.

Effects of Adderall

If the prescribed dose of Adderall is working, people with ADHD will feel calmer and have more focus.

Negative effects include:

  • lack of appetite
  • insomnia
  • nervousness and anxiety

Negative side effects may be amplified if a person takes too much Adderall.

In the United States, stimulant drugs like Adderal fall under Schedule II medications, according to the US Controlled Substance Act. Doctors must write a new prescription for every refill. Adderall is also classified by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as pregnancy category C, meaning it is not known whether or not the medication will harm an unborn baby.

Careful monitoring is required due to the increased potential of abuse and addiction. Most physicians require regular visits to review the treatment and monitor physical as well as behavioral aspects of the medication.

Adderall Addiction and Abuse

The illegal use of Adderall has increased dramatically in the last few years, especially on college campuses and in high schools. Many parents and educators are unaware of the selling and sharing of stimulant medication, a problem that continues to increase each year. According to the 2014 Partnership Attitude Tracking Study, 20 percent of students aged 12 to 17 have abused prescription medication and more than 50 percent have taken the medication from a family member’s medicine cabinet. Thirty percent of the 6500 students surveyed say they have a close friend who uses prescription stimulants.

People who take Adderall without the supervision of a physician risk serious, life-threatening effects of potential overdose. Symptoms of Adderall overdose range from mild, such as diarrhea, nausea, rapid breathing, panic attacks and nervousness to severe, such as convulsions, coma and death.

In the past 10 years, Adderall has jumped to the forefront as one of the most prescribed medications for ADHD. As with most attention deficit disorder medications, the benefits and side effects should be compared and considered.

Top 10 Facts on the Boston Marathon Bomber Maimed by Fellow Prisoners for Revenge, Get the Story Straight!

Top 10 Facts on the Boston Marathon Bomber Maimed by Fellow Prisoners for Revenge, Get the Story Straight

Recent news was released regarding the condition of Boston Marathon Bomber, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev inside his prison cell in Ft. Devens Detention Center in Massachusetts where he is currently held in custody. Reports say that he was attacked by fellow prisoners and that the roving guards permitted the said incident to happen. Sounds like a movie scene right? Well that’s because it’s not real.

Here’s a rundown of the top 10 things that you ought to know about the infamous Boston Marathon bomber maiming incident.

This all sounds so compelling but he is well and alive, and his lawyers are currently requesting for a new trial

This all sounds so compelling but he is well and alive, and his lawyers are currently requesting for a new trial

As gut wrenching as this may sound, yes his lawyers are filing for a new trial to “reconsider his guilt and his punishment”. His verdict has been passed and he was sentenced to death penalty. They also pointed out that the trial should be place somewhere else because the jury might be partially biased about the case.

The news says he is in Ft. Devens Detention Center in Massachusetts, and that is totally wrong.

The news says he is in Ft. Devens Detention Center in Massachusetts, and that is totally wrong

That’s because just last July, he was transferred to the “Alcatraz of Rockies” prison in Florence Colorado. This prison is a high security prison where people like “Unabomber” Ted Kaczynski, Richard Reid, and Zacarias Moussaoui are detained. If you may recall, Kaczynski is a serial murderer known for sending bombs to universities and airlines while Reid is detained here for his attempt to blast an airplane from Paris to Miami. Moussaoui also is as high profile for being a 9/11 conspirator.

The news have so many outrageous parts to it we can’t help but shake our heads

The news have so many outrageous parts to it we can’t help but shake our heads

According to the article, it’s the Aryan Brotherhood who did the bidding. According to Empire News, Miles Smith, who was the alleged head said “Yes, it was the brotherhood who took care of that bomber,” because “The other gangs, they wanted him, too.” According to the very fictitious character Smith, they paid the guards so they could do harm to Tsarnaev, and that the guards even thanked them. Now isn’t that something to laugh about?

We totally went on scratching our heads and raising our eyebrows when they said this…

We totally went on scratching our heads and raising our eyebrows when they said this

They said that even with the prevailing rule that an inmate would have increased sentence when doing any other harm to another inmate, they got themselves a free pass because they did their country great service and that the authorities are very much pleased with what they did.

But wait, it gets more and more preposterous…

But wait, it gets more and more preposterous

The report claims that, “Tsarnaev had pled not guilty to all 30 charges filed against him, but was found guilty on all counts in April”. For a supposed news site, they really need to do more researching that they already are doing. Tsarnaev already admitted his crimes. He even told everyone about how sorry he felt for their victims and that he was just forced by his brother who was the brainchild of the event. Victims and survivors had mixed reactions to this and were even given the opportunity to say what they want to him in the court.

All right, just in case you don’t even have any idea about this man at all, and why we’re even talking about him, let’s try to look to go back, 3 years ago.

All right, just in case you don’t even have any idea about this man at all

The unfaithful event happened April 15, 2013 along the finish line of the Annual Boston Marathon. At 2:49 pm, while there were 5,600 participants still on the track, two pressure cooker bombs filled with pieces of shrapnel exploded.

It was supposed to be this happy annual event until it all went black.

It was supposed to be this happy annual event until it all went black

The Boston Marathon is the World’s Oldest Annual Marathon. On that day, it was the 117th marathon. There were at most 23 000 participants and it started around 9:30 am. There were lots of women and children in the run. Most of the participants were members of families.

He was just 19 back then. Possibly brainwashed by extremist thoughts.

He was just 19 back then. Possibly brainwashed by extremist thoughts

Dzhokhar wasn’t alone in this. The mastermind of the said act was his brother Tamerlan. Dzhokhar was a student at the University of Mississippi at Dartmouth. His classmates said that he was a very popular student. During the investigation, they found that the brothers believed that they did that in retaliation to what the US did in several Muslim countries.

His brother died in a shoot out, which may be the reason why he got caught as well.

His brother died in a shoot out, which may be the reason why he got caught as well.

Three days after the bombing incident, investigators were able to pinpoint the culprit for this heinous crime. Using the cameras and the photographs during the incident, they were able to find who triggered the bomb. Unfortunately, during the pursuit of these two criminals, the brother died.

All in all, the incident took toll on three innocent lives, and injured 260 runners and bystanders.

All in all, the incident took toll on three innocent lives, and injured 260 runners and bystanders

To a lot of people who attended the event, and to those who saw the news on TV, or those who read it in the news, that simple event turned out to be a very traumatic event especially those who lost their loves ones and those who got scarred and disfigured.

There are so many instances when we wish for people like him to be brutally punished, because we feel remorse and vengeful. But laws are created to give way for a more orderly punishment. Although there can be several instances that the judiciary system maybe flawed, it’s still not up to us to give the punishment to criminals like him. Think about it, what would that make you in the end if you just took his life too right? You wouldn’t be any different than him.

What if the news was real and Dzhokhar was really maimed, how would you see his fellow in-mates mistreatment of him? Would you be okay about it? Or do you think that the other way around? Let us know.