Hephaestus Facts – Meeting the God of Fire

Hephaestus was popular for being the god of fire. He was also known for forges, art of sculpture, and even stone masonry. This is not surprising for he was the offspring of Hera and Zeus. He was then married to Aphrodite. Zeus initiated such union. This was undertaken so that the war between gods would no longer transpire. There was one because they were trying to fight for the hand of the mentioned lady. Needless to say, a ton of Hephaestus facts suggest that he was by far a smiting god. He was able to make various weapons for Olympus. He even played the role of a blacksmith. This was made use functional by the gods of course.

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Knowing more about Hephaestus

Hephaestus comes with his own palace. This is situated on Olympus. This was the place where the mentioned god was able to make most of his canny inventions. The also turned out to be the case for his automatons which were involved for the metal work he had been accustomed in completing and doing. The ugly appearance of Hephaestus became the reason why Zeus had to intervene in selecting Aphrodite to marry the mentioned God. Despite this though, he got involved in many affairs. This was related both to men and gods.

There was this story saying that Hephaestus was able to build and create a tricky invention. This was done in order to catch the laying of Aphrodite with the presence of Ares. He was the god of war. Basically, both were trapped in bed. This was undertaken so that other gods would laugh at them.

This god shares a certain similarity with Athena. This can be commended because both come with this innate need to help most mortals. Their preference though favors artists. There was even this belief saying that this Hephaestus was responsible in teaching arts to men. This was done with the help of Athena. But then, there was also a consideration saying that he was inferior for the goddess of wisdom.

What other facts can be learned about Hephaestus? Aside from being known as the God of Fire, there were also claims saying that he was not just the son of Hera and Zeus. They would also like to believe that he was just the son of Hera alone. They even added that he was only conceived because Zeus was to be gotten back in order to bring Athena forth.

Hephaestus was also said to be an ugly god. He was the sole god to have this characteristic. He was deformed and there was even a time when he was casted out by the heavens. This transpired because of his imperfections. This workman of immortals has been very much well-versed with furnishings, dwellings and even weapons.

The god also came with assistants. These were all made out using gold. They were the ones responsible in assisting him towards his work. He came with a workshop too. This was situated under a volcano.