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Welcome to Dirty Sandbox

Dirty Sandbox – is some place where you dust off all the dirt, baggages, and negativity. I wish this place exists for adults like us. A place where we can safely dust off everything that we want to eliminate in our lives. The world would’ve been a better place with its existence. In my small virtual world, I created this site as my own virtual dirty sandbox. A safe place where I can get real, dust off all the negativities within and happening around me, and be able to leave and live without regrets or fear.

It might seem a bit negative place to be in but don’t worry, I will do my best to dust it off positively. To share it so that my negative experiences will turn as a positive learning to someone who chose to read and follow. Eventually, I plan to welcome others who would want to dust off their own negative experiences here as well. Anonymity intended.

In the next coming weeks I will embark on this new journey so please do come back and check it out. Feel free to also comment on each post that I will write. I welcome your thoughts (bullying / haters not allowed though).