Vladimir Komarov: One of the Space Mission Deaths that Prove that Qualification and Experience Don’t Guarantee Success


More than 150 people, including the highly qualified and experienced Vladimir Komarov, have perished while fulfilling their duties as space explorers. There have been a number of space missions by different countries that failed and led to fatalities. The following deaths are some of the most notable space mission failures that demonstrate how success can’t be guaranteed even with all the strict trainings and protocols employed to send people to space.

Vladimir Komarov – Soyuz, 1967

Vladimir Komarov – Soyuz, 1967

Komarov was the first cosmonaut to reach outer space more than once. Unfortunately, he also became the first Russian to meet his end on a space mission. He died after the Soyuz 1 space capsule crashed upon re-entering Earth’s atmosphere on April 24, 1967, as its parachute did not properly open. The Soyuz 1 was set for a one-day mission but it encountered a variety of mechanical problems even before the parachute failure. The vessel had difficulties stabilizing and the solar panels failed to unfold.

Gus Girssom, Edward White II, and Roger Chaffee – Apollo 1

Gus Girssom, Edward White II, and Roger Chaffee – Apollo 1

The three did not die while in space or after coming from space. Their unfortunate death happened while they were doing a launch sequence rehearsal for the AS-204 Apollo mission of NASA. The three died from suffocation as an electrical fault caused a spark that ignited the pure oxygen environmental control system where the three were staying. The accident was a wake-up call for NASA to undertake major design and engineering changes along with modifications in test planning operations and aeronautics equipment manufacturing processes.

Georgi Dobrovolski, Viktor Patsayev, and Vladislav Volkov – Soyuz 11

Georgi Dobrovolski, Viktor Patsayev, and Vladislav Volkov – Soyuz 11

The Soyuz 11 successfully launched to space in June 6, 1971 and docked at the Salyut 1 space station for three weeks. However, as it undocked to return to Earth, a valve in the vessel accidentally opened. This led to a pressure leak that consequently depressurized the capsule where the three cosmonauts were staying. The depressurization went unnoticed as the cosmonauts died. It was only discovered after the capsule was inspected by a recovery team.

Greg Jarvis, Christa McAuliffe, Ronald McNair, Ellison Onizuka, Judith Resnik, Michael J. Smith, and Dick Scobee – Space Shuttle Challenger Mission STS-51-L

Greg Jarvis, Christa McAuliffe, Ronald McNair, Ellison Onizuka, Judith Resnik, Michael J. Smith, and Dick Scobee – Space Shuttle Challenger Mission STS-51-L

This is the space mission tragedy that resulted in the 32-month hiatus for the United States shuttle program. As the STS-51-L was launching, a little over a minute after its liftoff at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, the rockets propelling the vessel exploded. All seven astronauts died in the incident. It was found that the cause of the accident was the failure of an o-ring seal on one of the solid rocket boosters.

Rick D. Husband, William McCool, Michael P. Anderson, David M. Brown, Kalpana Chawla, Laurel B. Clark, and Ilan Ramon – Space Shuttle Columbia Mission STS-107

Rick D. Husband, William McCool, Michael P. Anderson, David M. Brown, Kalpana Chawla, Laurel B. Clark, and Ilan Ramon – Space Shuttle Columbia Mission STS-107

Upon re-entering Earth’s atmosphere after the culmination of its 14-day mission, Space Shuttle Columbia disintegrated and eventually broke apart killing all of the seven people within in. Investigations point to a damage incurred during liftoff as the cause of the accident. As the shuttle launched, a piece of insulating foam broke off from the external tank. This chunk hit the orbiter’s left wing causing a structural failure on the shuttle’s leading wing. NASA had to delay all of its shuttle flight operations for 29 months after this accident.

Michael Adams – X-15

Michael Adams – X-15

American aeronautical engineer, aviator, and astronaut Michael Adams died on November 15, 1967 while doing a test flight for the X-15 at an altitude of 50.4 miles (at the 50-mile altitude regarded as the starting point of space). X-15 was a joint project of the US Air Force and NASA aimed at exploring near space.

Elliot See and Charles Bassett – Gemini 9

Elliot See and Charles Bassett – Gemini 9

In the midst of bad weather, Amercian astronauts Elliot See and Charles Bassett failed to properly land their T-38 at Lambert Field in Missouri. Instead, they crashed into the McDonnell Aircraft factory. See and Bassett were training for Project Gemini.

Michael Alsbury – SpaceShipTwo VSS Enterprise

Michael Alsbury – SpaceShipTwo VSS Enterprise

American test pilot Michael Tyner Alsbury died at a spaceship crash while doing a test flight. The spaceship, SpaceShipTwo VSS Enterprise, broke down while undertaking a powered atmospheric test flight in in California’s skies. The accident was caused by the feathering system’s premature deployment.

Yuri Gagarin and Vladimir Seryogin – MiG-15UTI Trainer

Yuri Gagarin and Vladimir Seryogin – MiG-15UTI Trainer

While Yuri Gagarin, the first man in space, achieved fame and renown for his pioneering venture into space, it was unfortunate that he had to die during a training jet crash. He and flight instructor, Vladimir Seryogin, died as the MiG-15UTI jet trainer they used crashed due to miscommunication and poor visibility. This was not a space mission but an important test and training for spaceflight.

160 People – Soviet Launch Tragedy

160 People – Soviet Launch Tragedy

Scores of people perished at a Soviet rocket launch accident in 1960. The exact number is difficult to trace but it is reported that around 160 people died during this tragic incident. While these deaths did not occur in space, the deaths include prominent space officials of Russia.

None of the activities in these tragic accidents were carelessly undertaken or manned by inexperienced people. Prudence was certainly exercised but the accidents still happened. Fortunately, advancements in technology have made space missions safer and more efficient.

10 Reasons Why the Taman Shud Case is the Greatest Mystery Never to be Solved


On the sunny morning of December 1st, 1948 at round 6:30 AM, the body of an unidentified man was found lying on the sands of Somerton Beach just south of Adelaide, South Australia. No one knew who the man was, how he got to the beach, how he ended up dead, and most importantly, why he was dead- even until now. Considered as “one of Australia’s most profound mysteries”, from the moment of its inception up to the present time, the Taman Shud case has been the subject of intense speculation over the past six decades and has made itself known as one of the strangest unsolved mysteries of the world. Here are ten reasons why:

Nobody recognized him

Nobody recognized him

The man discovered that day was in a very good physical condition and he was dressed very well, sort of like an office man, but that’s just about the closest thing the authorities could get to finding out his identity. According to the pathologist assigned to the case, the man looked like a British guy in his forties. The body was shaven clean and there was no identification, and these led the police to believe he had committed suicide.

His dead body was in a strange position

His dead body was in a strange position

The dead man was found lying on the sand across the Crippled Children’s Home. When the body was found, its position was lying back with his head rested against the stonewall, legs extended and his feet crossed – as if he was resting or sleeping, and as if there was no form of struggle or any self-defense. It was believed he had died while sleeping. One of the witnesses from the night before told the police that she observed someone looking down at the sleeping man from the top of the steps leading up to the beach, and some witnesses recalled that the body was in the same position when the police discovered it.

Even his possessions didn’t reveal his identity

Even his possessions didn’t reveal his identity

Each tag and label on his clothes had been strangely removed. Found inside his pockets were an unused train ticket from Adelaide to Henley Beach, a bus ticket from the city, and other things that couldn’t be of any help like a box of cigarettes, gum, and a narrow, aluminium comb.

More clues kept coming as the days went by

More clues kept coming as the days went by

A little over a month passed by, and the investigators stumbled on another clue. A brown luggage was recovered from Adelaide Railway Station’s stockroom, where it had been deposited the day before the dead body was found. It was believed to contain the same man’s properties, since the suitcase’s label was also stripped off and inside were label-less clothes- just like the ones worn by the unidentified dead man. Also found inside the bag were stencilling tools and an electrician’s screwdriver. Unfortunately, nothing in the suitcase gave out the man’s identity and it was yet another less than useful find.

Just when the mystery was about to lose its hype, another lead had been discovered- and this time it definitely meant something

Just when the mystery was about to lose its hype, another lead had been discovered- and this time it definitely meant something

Six months after the case was born, the investigators discovered a secret pocket sewn within the man’s trousers when they had the body re-examined. Inside the pocket was a torn piece of paper with the words “Taman Shud” written on it. Experts from the public library were summoned to interpret the text and they concluded that the phrase meant “ended” or “finished”, and can be found on the final page of The Rubaiyat, a compilation of poems, written by Omar Khayyam. This discovery created a nationwide buzz as the investigators engaged the public to help search for the book where the sheet of paper was torn from.

The search was beginning to give them answers

The search was beginning to give them answers

Attempts at searching for the important book was a success, as a certain man, who preferred to be called “Mr. Francis”, stepped forward and told the investigators that he had found a copy of Edward FitzGerald’s translation of The Rubaiyat. This copy was found in the back seat of his car (which apparently was not locked), that had been stationed near the site where the body was found. “Mr. Francis” claim to not know any correlation of the book he found to the famous unsolved case until he saw the article in the previous day’s newsprint.

On the back of the book were some pencil marks and several footnotes which seemed like a secret code

On the back of the book were some pencil marks and several footnotes which seemed like a secret code

To make matters even more eerie, the scribbled and undecipherable code written at the back was speculated to have been done by the unidentified dead man himself. Khayyam’s poems usually revolve around the theme that one should not waste any moment and one shouldn’t have anything to regret when the time comes that life will be over. This fact has led the police to speculate that the man had committed suicide by intoxicating himself, but there was no other clue or indication that can support this theory.

A discovery that led to another one

A discovery that led to another one

Not only did the book lead to speculations on how the man died, but it also paved way for another clue. Written in the back of the book was an unpublished telephone number of an ex-nurse named Jestyn, who, while serving in Second World War, handed a copy of The Rubaiyat to a certain Alfred Boxell, an army lieutenant. The investigators thought that Boxall was who the dead finally man was, until Boxall was found in Sydney with his copy of the book, and an untorn last page. Both Boxall and the nurse have denied any relation to the unidentified man.

Even when it seemed like another dead end, more clues kept coming even after the burial of the unidentified man

Even when it seemed like another dead end, more clues kept coming even after the burial of the unidentified man

After almost a year of solving the case, the body was buried in Adelaide’s West Terrace Cemetery. Eventually, flowers started growing around the grave, which implied that the man had a frequent visitor. The police have questioned several suspects that may be linked to the man, but all have denied any relationship. After some time, a new lead sprang up. A receptionist from the Strathmore Hotel revealed that a peculiar man had checked in for a few days around the time of the death, and left on the 30th of November, 1948. An employee who inspected the man’s luggage informed the receptionist that he had found a needle-like object in it.

Some say that he used to be a Soviet spy

Some say that he used to be a Soviet spy

An assumption on the man’s identity has surfaced over the years, such that the man was a Russian spy who got poisoned by his adversaries, since his death occurred at a time of the Cold War.

The mystery of the Taman Shud Case remains unsolved and each clue found hasn’t been pieced together to form the puzzle.  No one still knows who the man was, what the phrase “Taman Shud” meant, or what the cryptic scribbles on the back meant to say. Until the day that the man be finally given a name, he will just be known to the whole world as the Somerton Man.

What Does Finance Rate APR Mean?

You take out a loan and then you see these big, bold letters: APR. What does finance rate APR mean? We know the terms can be confusing. So we will try our best to spell it out for you in a manner that’s easy to follow and understand. Simply put, APR means Annual Percentage Rate or the interest rate you will have to pay for the whole year.

Legal Requirement

Most lending products like loans and mortgages are required by law to publish the APR. This is because the APR is a better way for loan makers to assess a potential loan. Loan makers can easily evaluate and compare different loan offerings through the APR. While most countries are strict about APRs, some do not require them to be published. Other countries have different interpretations of APRs too. For the purpose of this article, we’ll stick with the simple APR concept.

Monthly Interest Rate Vs. APR

Your monthly interest rate is the amount you pay every month together with your loan principal. The Annual Percentage Rate, however, is the rate taken by adding up the amount you have to pay per month for the whole year. Let’s look at an example to illustrate this further.

what does finance rate apr mean


Let’s say you took out a $120 loan with a 2% monthly interest rate. And this loan has to be paid back in full in twelve months. This means:

Monthly Rate for Principal: ($120/12) = $10
Monthly Interest Amount: ($120 x 0.02) = $2.4

If you add up both amounts you get $12.4 as the amount you have to pay to your creditor per month. These two figures only paint half the picture. It’s dangerous to make a loan decision on the basis of thinking that 2% or $2.4 dollars is a small amount. Yes, it’s smaller now, but wait till it adds up. By adding $2.4 monthly, this is your APR.

APR=Monthly Interest Amount x 12
                        Loan Amount

Which means:

APR= $2.4 x 12

Which gives us:



It’s better to compare loan rates when you consider the APR and not just the monthly interest rate. It gives a better indication of just how much you have to pay in the long run. If you look at our example, a 2% monthly interest rate can mislead a lot of people, especially if they don’t calculate how much they will be paying if they their loan drags on. But if they see 24%, they’ll know right away the extent of the cost of their loan.

Take note though that APRs also include fees and other charges that are associated with making a loan. The best way to go about loans is to ask the creditor how the APR is computed. They will be more than happy to assist you with this request.

So get to know what an Annual Percentage Rate is, as opposed to the Monthly Interest rate. With current interest rates getting higher, it pays to be careful with the figures before committing to a loan.

Did we answer your question on what does finance rate APR mean?

Best Forex Trading Course For Dummies

The Forex trading system is one of the high risk forms of investment. This is the reason why any beginner who is planning to engage in this type of business must study, read and familiarize himself with the best Forex trading course.

Knowing the ins and outs of forex trading will carry you a long way. Otherwise, you will find yourself lost in a financial maze.As a beginner, it is normal that you want to invest in the best trading course or system to study or to follow.

Here are some of the lists:

1. Nial Fullers Forex Trading Course

This website is maintained and operated by Nial Fullers who is said to be a long time forex trader and trading guru. The primary focus is on the idea or concept of Price Action Trading and forex trading strategies which revolve, focus and base one’s forex trading decision on the price chart.

The price chart simply indicates the movement of the price of the market over a certain or variable period of time. It can also be caused by the fluctuation of price of currencies in the market.

There are also variousarticles concerning forex trading posted on the website that one could read and consider. The website has various segments which also offer free videos, strategies; trade setups, forex trading course, beginner’s lectures, forum and archives.

2. Baby Pips

Baby Pips.com is another website you might want to consider. It features School of Pipsology, blogs, forums, tools and Forexpedia.

The School of Pipsology aims to help you acquire everything you need to know about how to become successful in the forex trading business. Its blog is aboutforex trading updates. The forum is the place for discussion of members about forex. The tools are all about the major forex economic calendar or time table; while the Forexpedia is the archive or the free forex encyclopedia where one could browse.

best forex trading course

3.  Forex Time

ForexTime.com gives the beginners a chance to learn the basic of the forex industry, and how you could become a forex trader through its educational tools and learning materials. You need to register on the website to avail of this offer. Forex Time also provides a Live Chat between its customers and representatives.

4. Dummies.com

This websites features the mini-book “Currency Trading For Dummies Getting Started Edition” by Mark Galant and Brian Dolan. It is composed of 46 pages.The mini book is divided into four chapters:

Chapter 1: What is the Forex Market?

Chapter 2:  The Mechanics of Currency Trading

Chapter 3: Choosing Your Trading Style

Chapter 4: Getting Started With Your Practice Account

5. Go Currency.com

Go Currency.com features an article about forex trading for beginners. All other aspects of forex trading such as Currency Converter, Currency Exchange and Currency Tradingare also included.

6. ForexFactory.com

Forex Factory provides a free eGuide on Traits of Successful Traders. Interaction among its members are enhanced through its forum. Its Trade segment provides Trade Feed/Live Accounts.Calendar of ForexTrading is provided, as well as, news updates on the forex market and brokers.It has been said that only 4% out of 100% forex traders belongs to the successful forex traders while the remaining 96% failed.

For you to be able to belong to the small winning circles in forex trade market, you must learn, master and put into practice the entire best forex trading course or best forex trading systems.  There is no short cut to success when it comes to Forex Trading. It is the survival of the fittest.

Guide On How To Start Investing In Penny Stocks

There are many risk factors faced by investors, but none of them is comparable to investing in penny stocks. It is considered downright risky. Thus, it is important for one to learn the secrets on how to start investing in penny stocks before venturing out on this investment.

Here is a guide on how to start your penny stock investment:

how to start investing in penny stocks

1. Do Adequate Research

Because penny stocks are high risk investment,one needs to do his homework before committing putting his hard earned money in a stock only to lose it all. Before investing, note the following:

  1. In order that a penny stock can remain on the OTCBB exchange, there is usually no minimum standard that is set at all. The fact that there are no minimum standards means one needs to practice more caution as they will have to have a close relationship between the buyer and the seller.
  2. Unlike other kinds of stocks, penny stocks should not be traded on the stock exchange. This means that the owner or the persons running the penny stock need not register under SEC. Most trading stocks will depend on how well a company will perform. They depend on the information given to an individual. Penny stocks are bets with very limited information.
  3. 3.    The fact that penny stocks are not really considered as good stocks to invest in, it is very hard to liquidate them as finding a buyer is hard. For this reason, one is forced to sell at a very low price.

2. Open A Brokerage Account

For any stock investment, it is best that you have an easy and safe way to transact your stocks. With new online brokerage sites, one can sign up and transact their stocks comfortably and safely.

Most of the time, only brokerage sites do that but it is good to ensure that before you sign up to an online brokerage site, have them provide you with all the important information about the stocks that you want to buy.The information may include the history of the prices, the best brokerage accounts to go through and many others to help an individual buyer.

3. Don’t Always Believe The Hype

For a very long time now, penny stocks have been used by many people to defraud people off of their money.Yes, you would want to make a good significant amount of money out of the stock but you do not want to run for the get rich quick schemes that may take all your money promising you easier ways on how to start your investment in penny stocks.

how to start investing in penny stocks

It is alright to invest in something to make use of the money that you have worked for. However, be wise enough to invest them to people who will not scam you but will help you instead on how to start investing in penny stocks. Equip yourselves with the right knowledge in order for you to see your money grow in the market without worrying.

5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Merrill Lynch Investing

If you’re looking for the right financial partner, then Merrill Lynch investing could be for you. Merrill Lynch is the wealth development division of Bank of America and was founded way back in 1914. As an investment firm, Merrill Lynch assures its clients of sound financial advice. This firm is one of the top investment companies in the world. They heavily invest in improving their management practices. They believe that quality financial services start with their people.

There are a number of solid competitors in the industry of financial management. But Merill Lynch always seems to come out on top every time. Let’s learn why they constantly outperform the competition. Here are the top 5 reasons why you should choose Merill Lynch as your investment institution:

Reason #1: Proven Track Record

Merrill Lynch has been in existence for almost a century. Decades of experience have given Merrill Lynch an advantage over the newer financial firms. They’ve been through countless crises and survived them all. It’s a good bet that Merrill Lynch will outlast and outperform the competition because of this advantage.

Reason #2: Great One-to-One Support for its Clients

They have over 600 offices in the US and employ around 15,000 financial advisers. This means Merrill Lynch can afford to have one adviser assigned solely for you. This advisory’s job is to make sure your investments earn. Other banks and investment firms just can’t compete with the one-to-one service support Merrill Lynch provides. Plus, their customer service team works real fast to solve problems while maintaining the highest level of professionalism.

merrill lynch investing

Reason #3: Top-notch Website with Great Features

Check out www.ml.com and see for yourself. You can also find Merrill Lynch Direct (ML Direct) in their website. ML Direct is their version of a stock trading application that’s available online. Their website also offers a slew of financial tools like email alerts, charts, graphs and quotes.

Reason #4: Easy Investing Options

Market trades are offered for as low as $14. This low entry rate is an advantage to those who are new at investing. The low market trade rate gives them the chance to do actual transactions with a fairly safe investment. Their commission rates and other fees are competitive as well.

Reason #5: Forges Relationships based on Trust

Trust is a big thing in investing. As it turns out, a lot of clients trust Merrill Lynch because of all the other factors discussed above. Investors know that Merrill Lynch financial advisers have their best interests in mind. And these investors are constantly rewarded with handsome gains coming from their investments with Merrill Lynch.

Merrill Lynch, with all the reasons discussed above, is a good option to partner for your financial investments. Go ahead and check out their website to find out more. Or you can visit one of their offices and talk to a financial adviser. When trying to figure out where to make your money grow, Merrill Lynch investing is one strong choice to consider.

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